The pickle is not just a condiment. It's smart snacking!

America is in love with the pickle! More and more we are turning to the immutable pickle to satisfy our snack-fueled cravings. Once thought of as only a garnish, the mighty pickle is now the center of the plate.

Product Highlights
  • These bite sized nuggets are perfect for snacking, as an appetizer or a cocktail garnish.
  • Due to their versatility they make an excellent marketing target across many audiences.
  • More consumers are becoming aware of the many heath benefits pickles have to offer.
Classic Dill

Crispy, crunchy and fresh as a sunny day… Our classic dills are the flavor you know and love with a little twist!!

Kosher Dill

An approachable, no frills flavor that bursts with freshness in every bite.

Spicy Dill

A dill pickle for pickle lovers who like a little punch in the mouth compliments of some fiery habanero heat.

Sweet Hot

First the sweet, then the backend habanero heat… It’s like a light switch turning on for your tastebuds!

Bread & Butter

Just like grandma used to make, these sweet treats are sure to make your taste buds smile!! Bright and crunchy just like a sunny day!!

Pickled Cabbage

This crunchy superfood is the perfect addition to brats and dogs or as a tasty side dish!

Pickled Onion

There’s nothing quite like the taste of pickled red onions… The best way to describe them is life changing!! Tacos, BBQ, Salads, they make everything better.

Honey Dill Popcorn

It’s the perfect popcorn for any pickle lover!! Sweet and salty with a burst of DILL FLAVOR.

Spicy Honey Dill Popcorn

Spicy and sweet with a burst of DILL FLAVOR. It’s a rollercoaster ride for your tastebuds!!

Cheesy Dill Popcorn

Spicy cheese and a bit of sweet with a burst of DILL FLAVOR.

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